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Proving Racial Discrimination at Work

by on November 6, 2018 » Add the first comment.

Any race discrimination attorney can tell you that workplace racism is a common problem. Proving it can be challenging in certain situations. Employees are tasked with making their case seem compelling. In order to prove racism one must have evidence that their job is suffering due to the issue. Most of the time, the evidence ends up being indirect.

The following actions by an employer constitute racial discrimination:

-segregation of one race of employees
-stereotyped decision making
-unusual treatment of one who associates with another race
-distinctions made according to color of employee’s skin

While these actions may be obvious to many, there are less obvious actions that are also considered discrimination by any employment attorney. This includes making jokes that are based on a particular race.

Whatever the circumstances of the harassment are, the case you can make in court must have validity. In the absence of direct evidence, you will need to put your employer in a position to disprove the harassment. This is a multi-faceted aspect of any court case of this magnitude. You must show in court that your job suffered as a result of discrimination. It’s also necessary to be part of a protected class for this type of lawsuit. In addition, you have to prove that you are qualified for the job you have.

When you are seeking a job that you feel was denied to you due to your race, you must prove that someone else was hired due to theirs. If you are fighting for your rights in a job you already have you must show that someone of another race is getting preferential treatment.

As this can be a complicated and confusing process, it is best to confer with our employment lawyers before going to court. If you live in California you will want to seek a racial discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles. They can help you prove your case and stop your employer from allowing unfair treatment of employees in the workplace.

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