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4 Examples of Wrongful Termination

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While it’s true that your employers have a great deal of leeway in terms of choosing who works for them and who does not, there are reasons for which you cannot lose your job. Wrongful termination is a very real issue in California, and a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney can certainly point out a handful of reasons why it might not be legal for an employee to lose his or her job. Below are four of the more common cases in which being fired might lead to a wrongful termination suit.

Protected Classes
Perhaps the most common cause for a wrongful termination suit is termination due to an employee being a member of a protected class. Employees may not be terminated due to race, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, or a host of other factors. These classes have been fairly firmly established by state and federal law, and thus an employee fired for being a member of one of these classes has a strong case against an employer. Note that being a part of one of these classes will not stop you from getting fired – it simply means that an employee cannot be fired just because he or she is part of one of these groups.

Contractual Reasons
Typically speaking, most employees are “at-will” employees. If you are working under a contract that says you may only be terminated for cause, though, your employer must be able to prove that the terms of the contract were fulfilled. In short, this means you have to provide your employer with a reason that was spelled out in the language of the contract to be terminated. These issues are often quite complex and generally require the help of a Los Angeles employment lawyer to sort out.

Workplace Discussions
It is perfectly legal for workers to discuss wages. It is likewise legal to discuss the conditions of the workplace. As long as this is not done in an inflammatory or overly derogatory way, the employer may not forbid this kind of conduct. If you have been fired specifically for discussing the wages or compensation in your workplace, you may have a wrongful termination suit.

Medical Conditions
You cannot be fired for having a medical condition. You also cannot be fired for being predisposed to an illness or having a family member who has an illness. Employers do not have the right to discriminate against those who are or who may potentially become ill unless it represents an actual, active danger in the workplace. Those who have genetic predispositions to disease may not be punished for random acts of nature.

These are only a handful of the reasons why a termination may be unlawful. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you may need to contact a wrongful termination lawyer Los Angeles specialist. While employers have a great deal of leeway in who they hire and fire, they are still beholden to the law.

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