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5 Signs of Gender Discrimination at Work

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While gender equality has made great strides forward over the last few decades, workplace gender bias is still alive and present in today’s workplaces. It’s important to understand the signs of workplace gender bias so that you can report it to employers and contact a gender discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles for help.

Employees across the country are suffering daily as the result of gender discrimination and harassment. This ultimately affects both an employer and its employees through the negative effects of productivity losses, unequal wages, and tarnished brand names from lawsuits. It’s never okay, and you do have resources of help.

An employment attorney Los Angeles can help you if you’ve suffered any of the following inappropriate employment interactions.

Common Gender Bias Signs And Examples

1) Job Interview Questions Are Skewed And Unfair
Employers rightly want to ask questions to ensure they pick the best candidate for a position, but such interview questions shouldn’t be skewed against candidates based on their gender, ethnicity, nor sexuality.

Certain questions should raise red flags with candidates during a job interview, such as: “Do you plan to have a family or add to your family in the future?” Whether you’re male or female, be cautious of any questions that don’t concern your employment skills and work history during the hiring process. If you feel that an alternative lesser qualified candidate was hired or that you were asked gender skewed questions, it may be prudent to contact a gender discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.

2) Pay Inequalities Based On Gender
You have the job, but you aren’t being paid a fair wage based on your gender. Many American workplaces still have a gender pay gap in place. On average, male workers are still being paid 20 percent more than their female work counterparts. In California, some of the most stringent equal pay laws in the nation exist on the state-level to protect women. Yet, even in California, male workers still earn an average of 14 percent more than their female counterparts.

Your employer is likely part of the gender pay gap if your male counterpart workers in the same roles, with the similar duties, and holding the same experience are earning higher salaries than yourself. If so, contact a Los Angeles employment attorney to discuss a potential gender discrimination case.

3) Promotion Biases And Glass Ceilings
You’ve been hired, but there’s little to no path for advancement based on your gender. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that, despite qualified male candidates applying, all the administrative and secretary roles are always filled with women applicants. Perhaps, you notice that, despite qualified women applying, all the technical jobs are always filled by male applicants. Skills and performance, not gender, should always be the hiring and promotion basis.

If you notice that gender plays a significant role in your company’s hiring and promotional procedures or that preferential treatment is given to one sex or the other, you should contact a qualified Los Angeles employment attorney.

4) Gender-Based Terminations
Downsizing and layoffs happen, but the selection process of who retains their job shouldn’t be based on gender. Both federal and California state laws protect workers from being laid off and fired based on gender.

Employers do not have the right to fire you simply because you decided to start a family, and they can’t fire you for reporting what you feel is unfair, unjust treatment based on your gender. If this has happened to you, it likely constitutes gender bias and wrongful termination.

5) Turning A Blind Eye And Deaf Ear To Sexual Harassment
How a company handles cases of sexual harassment in the workplace can be very telling about their stance on gender bias. By law, companies must have a sexual harassment policy. Yet, the number of reported cases haven’t declined much since that law was implemented. Enforcement is often to blame. Employers must enforce the consequences of those policies for them to be effective deterrents against sexual harassment, and a slap in the wrist is hardly a consequence.

If you feel victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace and/or your employer is allowing the harassment to continue, a complaint can be lodged with the EEOC and California Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing. A professional attorney can help you with the complaints and any legal actions necessary thereafter to protect your rights.

In conclusion, gender bias is never acceptable in the workplace. Hopefully, the above five gender biases never happen to you, but should you be one of those impacted, know that our California employment attorneys are here to help you.

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