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Bicycle Safety Tips

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Staying safe on a bicycle involves following a few basic rules of the road. While you might not have the same horsepower behind you as a car, you’ll still be traveling at high speeds and putting yourself at risk if you aren’t careful. Some of the best tips about bicycle safety are those that come from a bicycle accident lawyer – after all, a good lawyer knows exactly the kind of risks that are inherent in riding a bike. Below are a few of the tips that will help keep you safe on the road.

Wear Your Safety Equipment

One of the most important tips a bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles advises is the following. If you are riding a bike, you should always wear a helmet. While you might feel very comfortable on your bike, it’s important to remember that accidents occur even to the best riders out there. Remember, you’re trying to stay safe not just from the things in your control, but from the things done by others around you.

Stay Vigilant

Another great piece of advice from a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. It’s important to remember that the situation in front of you can change in an instant and that your brakes only work so quickly. Even if you’ve ridden along a specific path a thousand times, there’s always a chance that something could have changed. It’s up to you to make sure you know exactly what your riding conditions are like.

Ride the Right Bike

It’s also very important to have the right kind of bike for your body. Riding a bike that’s too big or too small can put you in a significant amount of danger. Remember, you’re riding a vehicle that’s engineered to a fairly precise degree. If you’re riding something meant for a bigger or smaller person, you’re not going to be as safe as possible when riding.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Finally, keep up with your maintenance. Keep your tires inflated, your chains oiled, and always check that your brakes are working. While letting your maintenance schedule slip a bit probably won’t cause a catastrophic accident, a bike that’s not in good condition can cause you trouble on the road.

Remember, it’s up to you to keep yourself safe because few drivers on the road are looking out for you. If you are injured in an accident, make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer near you.

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