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Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated?

by May 9, 2018 » Add the first comment.
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Many employees aren’t aware of their rights to work. Wrongful termination is something that can happen when a worker isn’t aware of what’s legal and illegal regarding firing employees. If you’ve been let go from your job because of any of these reasons, you may be entitled to protection Read more »

Age Discrimination at Work

by April 18, 2018 » Add the first comment.
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Have you or someone you know been discriminated against in today’s world? There is a thin line between thinking someone is not up to the task and not wanting to hire a person based on what you may think they can accomplish regarding their age. Sending someone out because Read more »

Whistleblower: Work Computers May Be Monitored

by February 3, 2018 » Add the first comment.
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There has been some speculation that all work computers could be monitored. Any potential whistleblowers should be very careful. Our employment lawyer Los Angeles CA is going into detail about how this works, and we want to be sure that all the people who are working every day know Read more »

Wrongful Termination

by January 12, 2018 » Add the first comment.
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Fired from your job and you think the employer had no basis for it? You need to seek an employment attorney. An employment attorney is the wisest choice when you have been wrongfully terminated. A wrongful termination attorney can recover lost wages due to termination. A wrongful termination attorney Read more »

When Heavy Lifting Has Heavy Consequences

by September 25, 2013 » Add the first comment.

Some philosopher once said, “We all live on the edge of a precipice. It is the responsibility of each one of us not to fall in.”  Unfortunately, the thing about philosophers is that they say brilliant things without giving much detail, and then move on to contemplate larger issues leaving Read more »

The Defendant is a Big Insurance Company

by » Add the first comment.

The fact is that nobody, not the lawyer for the defendant, not the lawyer for the plaintiff, and not the Judge, or the Bailiff, or the Talent Scout from the Judge Judy series looking for colorful losers to seek justice before her bench are allowed to so much as whisper Read more »

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