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Los Angeles Age Discrimination Attorney

If you are 40 years of age or older and you feel you were subjected to acts of discrimination in the workplace, you may seek compensation in an age-discrimination claim against your employer by contacting a Los Angeles age discrimination attorney. Employees who are 40 years old and above are a protected class, and employers who discriminate against this age group can be held liable for damages. Age discrimination is illegal; the California Fair Employment and Housing Act – as well as federal laws – are in effect to prevent this type of discrimination. Our Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys represent victims of age discrimination and offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your particular case. Grey Law Firm attorneys are plaintiff’s rights advocates who believe that wrongdoers must be held accountable for their actions – and that victims should be compensated for the harm inflicted upon them. To schedule your free consultation, call Grey Law at 1-800-GREY-LAW.

What is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination is conduct that negatively affects, eliminates or limits employment opportunities on the basis of age. Depending on the circumstances involved, this may take various forms. Some examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The employer refuses to hire an individual because of the applicant’s age, even though the applicant is qualified
  • The employee is terminated because of their age, although they are competent and doing a good job
  • The employee is not trained for a position because of their age, although a good candidate
  • The employee is not given a promotion due to their age, although clearly qualified
  • The employee is refused benefits due to their age
  • The employee is continually transferred to positions of similar or lower responsibility, due to age
  • The employee is “forced” or pushed into early retirement because of their age
  • The employee is subjected to harassment from bosses and others based on their age
  • Any negative, insulting or harmful conduct directed to the individual because of their age
  • Many others – ask your attorney

Free Consultation with Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyer:

By contacting an experienced and qualified employment attorney at Grey Law you will be able to explore your available legal options. You may well be entitled to compensation for the mistreatment you suffered from age discrimination conduct. In many cases wrongfully terminated employees are rehired – and given the promotion and benefits that they were entitled to. There are laws that protect employees, but it is up to the employee to contact an attorney who can take the necessary action to get the needed help. Many employers do not want to go to court – knowing they were in the wrong – and a settlement may be negotiated. There are no fees unless we win or settle the case on your behalf. To schedule your free consultation, call Grey Law at 1-800-GREY-LAW.

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