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California law prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee who has exercised a legal right. For example, if an employee makes a formal or informal complaint about workplace discrimination, age discrimination or disability discrimination, the employer may not legally retaliate against the employee. The most frequent form of retaliation occurs when the employer terminates or discharges the employee. Retaliation may be expressed in more subtle ways, such as simply ignoring the employee’s requests for leave or refusing to support the employee’s efforts to advance in their career. If you feel that your employer has retaliated against you, we can help you pursue the compensation and results that you deserve. Our Los Angeles employer retaliation lawyers at Grey Law offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your case. Contact us by calling 1-800-GREY-LAW.

Examples of Employer Retaliation:

Employer retaliation may take various forms. Some employers are quite cunning and vindictive in their retaliation. Retaliation is a form of harassment, however, and it is unacceptable conduct. Retaliation goes far beyond terminating the employee. Examples include the following:

  • Employers may retaliate by refusing to promote a worthy and deserving employee
  • In some instances employers may not terminate an employee but instead will demote the employee
  • Employers have been known to write negative employment reviews on an employee’s state bar application years after the employee’s original complaint
  • Some employers have retaliated against an employee’s spouse, friend or mentor
  • Retaliation may result in decreased earnings
  • Inferior or dangerous job assignments may be offered
  • Retaliation may last for years or for the duration of the employee’s tenure
  • The employee may be ignored in as many ways as possible, resulting in a stalled career
  • The employee may be sent to a remote office within the building or to a distant office in an undesirable city

If your employer retaliated against you, your Los Angeles employment attorney will be prepared to present your case to a jury in order for you to obtain the compensation and resolution that you deserve. As a general rule, it appears that juries do not appreciate vindictive employers.

Complimentary Case Evaluation with a Los Angeles Employment Retaliation Attorney:

Grey Law’s workplace retaliation attorney will not hesitate to represent an employee who has been the victim of employer retaliation. Grey Law has more than 25 years of experience fearlessly representing individuals who have been victims of retaliation. We believe that victims should be compensated for their losses and that responsible parties should be held accountable for their unsavory conduct. We will sit down with you and carefully listen to the details of your case. If a viable cause of action exists we will review available options. There are no fees unless we favorably settle or win your case. To schedule your appointment, call Grey Law at 1-800-GREY-LAW. We are conveniently located at 6100 Wilshire Blvd.

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