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Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a highly complex issue in California. For purposes of brevity, the law recognizes two kinds of sexual harassment. Quid pro quo refers to the demand for sexual favors from someone in a supervisory or managerial position; these favors are required in order for the employee to keep their job. The hostile work environment is so named because of the employer’s continuous, pervasive, offensive and intimidating sexual harassment upon the employee. A pattern of behavior is given more weight than a single incident; additionally, the incidents must adversely and negatively affect the employee. If you feel you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is your right to seek legal counsel from a skilled Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer and to understand your options and possible courses of action, which may include seeking monetary compensation. Our Grey Law workplace harassment attorneys have been helping sexual harassment victims and other victims for more than 25 years in the Los Angeles area; a free case review is available by calling 1-800-GREY-LAW.

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Proving Sexual Harassment:

In order to establish a viable case for quid pro quo sexual harassment, the following questions may be asked:

  • Were there unwanted sexual advances from a direct supervisor
  • Did the sexual advances originate from a boss or someone in a supervisory position
  • If the supervisors were not the aggressors, did they know of the conduct or condone it
  • If they did not know, should they have been aware of it
  • If the victim refused to submit, would it result in a demotion or other adverse work situation
  • Was the submission to the harassing sexual acts an actual condition of the employment

To establish a hostile work environment case, these issues may be relevant:

  • Did the victim suffer from unwanted sexual harassment
  • Were there unwelcomed sexual acts
  • Was this harassment continual, severe, pervasive
  • Would a reasonable person, under the same circumstances, experience the situation as harassment
  • Did management know about the situation but not act to prevent it from reoccurring

Complimentary Case Review with a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorney:

Sexual harassment is an extremely serious situation that requires appropriate, immediate action and tact. Victims of sexual harassment depend on their work to provide for their families. It is advisable to immediately consult with a Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney in order to preserve your rights to a possible claim for damages, as well as to clarify your future course of action. The employment attorneys at Grey Law have been vigorously fighting for their clients’ rights for more than 25 years. Los Angeles sexual harassment cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no fees unless Grey Law attains a favorable resolution on your behalf. To schedule your free case review, call Grey Law at 1-800-GREY-LAW or visit our case evaluation page.

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