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Indications of Employment Discrimination


Employee discrimination is against the law and can be prosecuted. A workplace discrimination attorney can file a legal complaint against offenders. In most cases, employees with 15 employees or more must comply with anti-discrimination laws. One exception to this rule of thumb is that age discrimination compliance applies to companies with at least 20 employees.

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is given the responsibility of enforcing these laws, making it illegal to discriminate against employees or job applicants based on color, race, sex, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and national origin. This legal protection also extends to cases involving employment agencies and labor unions. If you believe you are being discriminated against, then contact a workplace discrimination lawyer.

Discrimination in the workplace is not always obvious. Subtle acts that may seem harmless to many people can still represent a violation. Most companies employ the use of training videos to teach staff members about what actions constitute discrimination. Whether you need a Los Angeles employment attorney or you live in some other part of the country, it is important to get the advice you need and to learn about your rights.

Below are some different forms of discrimination:

Firing without a Legitimate Cause
Arbitrary firings without a legitimate reason can often be an indicator of discrimination. Discrimination is likely to blame when a manager starts firing all the older employees or suddenly you notice that the workforce is predominantly caucasians and the people of color are being laid off. These are classic cases of discrimination based on ageism and racism.

Examples of this kind of unfair practice can be seen in many companies. If an employee in a protected group is ten minutes late from getting back from lunch and is fired for it, while other employees are also known to come back a little late from lunch and they don’t get fired, then that is considered discrimination.

Any employee who feels like they have been singled out and fired for a reason that does not apply to others should call a workplace discrimination lawyer. There is no need to suffer from lost pay and the negative impact of being fired when you can simply call a workplace discrimination attorney to help you defend yourself against illegal discriminatory practices.

Targeting Protected Groups with Unfair and Different Expectations
It is not uncommon for corporate managers and supervisors to treat people differently, expecting more or less of certain employees based on preconceived stereotypes. A perfect illustration of this type of illegal discrimination is when a boss assigns menial tasks to a female employee while never asking the male employees to take their turn with these same tasks. A specific example would be when a corporate manager asks a female employee to go out and get the coffee or lunch, without ever expecting their male peers to pitch in and do the same.

Discrimination often reinforces negative stereotypes. Selecting a younger man over an older one to go to a convention because he might fit in better with the other young male managers. This is another type of discrimination.

Work Environment that is Hostile to Protected Groups of Employees
Many workers are surprised to learn about behavior that negatively affects their co-workers. Hanging up pictures of scantily clothed women in a work environment is inappropriate. Women and some male peers do not need to see sexually explicit photos in the workplace. A good rule or guide is to stay away from art or decorations that might offend others.

Being sensitive about different religious preferences is also important. Expecting employees to join in prayer is not acceptable since different employees pray to different deities. Much like prayer has been banned in school for this reason, religious acts should also be banned in the workplace. No one wants to feel pressured to participate in a religion that is different from their own.

Telling Jokes that Target Protected Groups
Everyone loves a good joke. They can relieve tension in an otherwise stressful environment. However, jokes that make fun of a protected group of people are never appropriate. If you feel like you are the brunt of a joke, then there is a problem. Jokes that make fun of homosexuals, specific ethnic groups, women, or any other protected group are inappropriate.

A corporation has a responsibility to respect a diverse workforce. If you have been the target of a poorly chosen joke that makes you feel uncomfortable or targeted for abuse, then it is time to call a Los Angeles employment attorney.

Discrimination in the workplace is never acceptable. Employees must take a stand if they feel their employer is breaking the law.

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