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Sex Discrimination At Work

by on September 17, 2018 » Add the first comment.


What is Sex Discrimination?

Sex discrimination in the workplace occurs when a person is discriminated against solely because of their gender. It too includes treating a person differently because they don’t fit into a certain gender stereotype. Additionally, requesting sexual favors or making unwelcome advances, are examples of sex discrimination. Making offensive comments about men or women in general can be considered sex discrimination.

In order for sexual discrimination to be illegal, it has to violate the terms of employment. The terms and conditions of your employment pertain to things like your shift, work schedule, job position, job duties, job location and pay rate.

Example of Sex Discrimination


If you apply for a certain job position and don’t get the job because the employer prefers to have male workers over female workers, or vice versa.

Condition of the Employment

You apply for a job that requires everyone to be able to lift 100 pounds. However, you believe that this is not necessary for the job position. You think that it is a way for the employer to discriminate against female workers, or vice versa.


You are told that some people will need to be fired because of company cutbacks. However, all of the males are able to keep their jobs, or vice versa.


You have worked at the same job for 10 years. You do not get the promotion. The company decides to promote a man/woman with less experience.


You have worked your way up the corporate ladder. However, a person who has similar training and experience makes more money than you.

Sexual Harassment

Your employer keeps making unwelcome comments about your body. He also touches you when you don’t want to be touched. You are told that if you say anything about it, then you will lose your job.


You are pregnant and have to use your vacation time because your employer does not offer disability leave. However, a male worker who had a heart attack was out of work for six months and was able to use his disability benefits.

Call a Sex Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you have been a victim of sexual discrimination, then you will need to contact a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer. Your gender discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles will help you protect your rights.

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