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What is Mandatory or Forced Overtime?

by on January 3, 2019 » Add the first comment.

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Federal law does not forbid employers from making their employees work over time. However, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employers who make their employees work more than 40 hours a week pay them time and a half. Forty hours is a standard work week.

There is no law that limits the number of hours that people can work. As long as your employer pays you time and a half, they have not violated any laws.

Can My Boss Make Me Work Over Time?
Your employer can make you work overtime. They can also fire you if you do not comply with their request. No limits are set as long as employers are getting paid 50 percent more than their hourly wage.

What Happens if I do Not Work Over Time?
Employees who do not work overtime may be disciplined. Getting fired may be a part of this disciplinary action. However, this overtime can be challenged if health and safety standards are violated. It can also be challenged if a contract is violated.

What if My Employer Does Not Pay Me for Over Time?
An employer must pay you for the hours that you worked. However, there are some employers who are exempt from getting paid time and a half. The following workers may be exempt.

– Salaried professionals
– Farm workers
– Youth workers
– Computer professionals
– Administrative professionals

Do I Need Wage and Hour Lawyers?
Employers are often at an advantage when it comes to mandatory over time. However, you can still hire an overtime lawyer Los Angeles if you feel that you have not been treated fairly. Our Los Angeles overtime attorney can help you if you have not been paid your due wages. An employment attorney Los Angeles can make sure that your rights are protected. Call us today.

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