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California and federal laws are enacted to protect employees from unfair treatment in the workplace. For example, an employer may not terminate a pregnant employee simply because of her pregnancy. Nor may an employer discriminate against an employee because of their ethnicity or religion. The Los Angeles employment attorneys at Grey Law are a plaintiff’s rights lawyers that have helped thousands of clients in and around Los Angeles for the past 25 years. If you feel that you have been a victim of discrimination or harassment at your place of employment, it is advisable to seek the legal counsel of an experienced and qualified Los Angeles employment law attorney in order to preserve your rights and to pursue compensation that may be available to you. For a free case review, contact our Los Angeles employment lawyer at 323-857-9500.

Grey Law Represents Victims of Discrimination, Wrongful Termination:

There are numerous areas that Grey Law can help you with, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Wrongful Termination – Employers may notterminate an employee simply because the employer does not agree with the employee’s religious or political affiliation or for many other reasons
  • Age Discrimination – Employers may not refuse tohire a qualified individual simply because of the applicant’s age, nor can they fire an individual because of their age.
  • Disability Discrimination – Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, employers must make reasonable and appropriate accommodations for disabled workers
  • Gender Discrimination – Gender discrimination is illegal and employers must treat employees equally regardless of their sexual preference or identification.

If you believe you were treated unfairly and illegally by your employer, your Grey Law attorney will assess your case and discuss viable options that may be available to you, including reinstatement, back wages and compensation.

Grey Law Represents Victims of Sexual and Racial Harassment and Discrimination:

  • Racial and Ethnic Discrimination – An employee may not be demoted or terminated based on their race or ethnicity. Employers must comply with California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, which makes it illegal to discriminate based on skin color, language or other personal preferences.
  • Sexual Harassment – It is illegal for an employer to demand sexual favors from employees or to use sex as a bargaining tool.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination – An employee cannot be fired because of pregnancy. Maternity leave cannot be denied. Pregnant employees are guaranteed special protections.

Whistleblower Retaliation and Wage and Hour Disputes:

  • Whistleblowers – Employees who report suspected illegal activities may not be retaliated against by their employers. Compensation in the form of lost earnings, benefits and attorney’s fees are often recoverable. In some cases punitive damages may be available. Ask your Los Angeles employment law attorney how the California Whistleblower Protection Act may benefit you.
  • Employer retaliation is actually a form of harassment and is illegal. If your employer retaliated against you, compensation may be available.
  • Grey Law handles wage and hour disputes. Issues may include breaks, meals, overtime and other monetary concerns of employees and employers.

Grey Law Handles All Types of Employee and Employer Issues; a Free Consultation is Available:

If you experienced discriminatory conduct and/or were harassed at your place of employment you may have a viable claim for damages against your employer. Employment and labor law issues are often quite complex due to the numerous state and federal laws and regulations involved. The Los Angeles employment law attorneys at Grey Law have more than 25 years of experience representing clients in and around the Los Angeles area. Grey Law offers a complimentary consultation to discuss and assess your case. To schedule your free case review, call Grey Law at 323-857-9500.

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